Amanda E. Hess


Shake Ya Tail Featha… 2 min anamatic time based media.

Apr 5

I love this…. wish Columbus was half as cool as NYC to shoot something like this… these are all stills and i believe his pans are in post production… so that is something i am going to have to look into with after effects… might save me some headache when taking the pics. 


Project Duncan Snyder: Final Proposal


The City at Night: Time Lapse video

2-4 Minute video of compiled photos to make a time lapse of the city coming alive at night. I want to include the sunset, the lights of the buildings coming into frame, the sky changing.. clouds moving, traffic blur and movement, traffic lights changing, etc. I am debating on doing this in Pittsburg instead of c-bus for a change of pace. I have a best friend there so hopefully we can plan a weekend that I can come shoot. Pittsburg has some awesome waterways that would be cool for some of these shots.. and they have a lot of cool other things that come alive at night that would be interesting. I plan on putting this together as a movie with music etc.

Final project thoughts

I want to finish this semester with a 2-4 min time lapse video. I either want to do.. The city coming alive at night- sunrise to sunset, the stars moving In the sky, planes taking off and landing, etc or I want to do a beginning and end with things living and dying. Flowers, fruit, plant growing, etc.

Final stitched concept of the landscape of an artist group project

Final stitched concept of the landscape of an artist group project

Landscape of an Artist Website- my photo link

Side Note:

Looks like my posts are going through today… I was having a bit of trouble on the 8th but I did finally get it to upload on the 9th of my progress. 

Held last group meeting today- 3-13-12

Swapped photos and we are in the process of stitching our set of pictures together. We plan on having a poster size print and website to present. 

Landscape Three:
Downtown Columbus side alley. 

Landscape Three:

Downtown Columbus side alley.